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Autoload Synth problem (OM 7.3 Linux)

Sorry i don’t use dropbox.
Can you describe what are these errors?

error messages.

  • Reset button cause bug.
  • load a SF2 into SF2 setup cause bug

but nothing is saved and if you’re not digging too much it works.

Are you sure you are loading valid sf2 files?

yes, I’m sure about sources.

image Reset button in SF2 port Setup window

image Load button in SF2 port Setup window

The second one displayed here is not a valid sf2 file or it is corrupted. PLease check your files first.

it’s a valid SF2 it sounds here :slight_smile: and it sounds well.

  • image

  • image

When I want to add another SF2, I have the bugs, see SF2 port setup window, reset and load buttons

in your screenshot you have 1 instance of fluidsynth, So it is logical to have an error here if you load more than one,

OK, I’ve find the right order for having no bug…

Thank you very much



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