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Auto-Completion and Package Names [solved]

Dear Karim, dear OMers,
I had a quick tour of 6.19 and I discovered the auto-completion feature. Such a pleasant surprise !
This is going to save a huge amount of time.
Unfortunately right now this functionality is not working with external packages (although the functions appear in the list of suggestions).

I tried to modify the code in this way :

(defmethod get-name ((self function)) (format nil “~S” (function-name self)))
(defmethod get-name ((self class)) (format nil “~S” (class-name self)))
(defmethod get-name ((self symbol)) (format nil “~S” (symbol-name self)))

and now it seems to work (it is necessary to start typing using the package indication (like for exemple alea::ran01, and not the name of the function (which is pretty obvious). However packages nicknames are not taken into account. It would be great if auto-completion could work with package nicknames as well (as currently implemented in the lisp text editor, for example).


Thanks Mauro,

I am aware about this limitation. It needs some work to do. Will look it over.
However, changing string-downcase to format have some compatibility issue on other plateforms, like Linux and Win. So this needs to be tested before.


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Dear Mauro,

I managed to fix this issue. However, in order to call an external function (integrated in its own package , example alea::choix) you need to type first the first characters of the package, and there you go with these integrated completions. Beside, when you loaded a library the completion was not available. Now it is fixed… Happy we are! :blush:

However this will need to wait for the next release, or (if you are too in a hurry, i can send it to you personally, let me know).


Thanks Karim,
no hurry, I can wait for the next release for that feature. I’m glad it’s working now.
All the best