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Authorization key not working offline


is there a way to make command-line tools such as supervp or so to work offline ?
For instance, when offline, I have:

frog% supervp -init_key_file ~/admin/clefs/Ircam_Authorization_Key.txt
frog% supervp -h                                                      
SuperVP::Initialization failed: please register an activation key by using -init_key_file Ircam_Activation_Key.txt

and online only is ok:

frog% supervp -h

SuperVP Copyright (C) 1990-2022 IRCAM 
version : 2.103.10 (compiled by cornu  on Feb 14 2022 15:11:01 ) Prec=Float

It will be cool to be able to work offline in some places where there is no access to internet (that still exist !)