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Audiosculpt export rythm as midi file and as xml

Sorry if my question is too basic.
When I try to export rythm as midi file or xml
the predefined format is .aif. And is not possible to change it
apparently. Are these functions working well?
thank you very much!!

AS can save markers inside an .aif chunk, so as you can embed them inside the sound file. You need an editor that is able to read makers chunk inside an .aif file. You can try with saving and opening it in AS, and the makers will magically appear :wink:

Thank you Greg , the problems is with XML , if I want to export RHYTM as XML or MIDI , still is inside the sound file, in this case it s impossible to load it in OM. best regards!!

Dear Jorge,

You should just rename the extension from .aiff, (.wav, or whatever) into .xml for the xml export, or .mid for the midifile.
That’s all, since AS gives by default the name and extension of the sound file, which is wrong.


Dear Karim
thank you very much for your answer!!
all the best