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Audiosculpt and 10.12.6 problems

My new computer at schoola arrived and came with 10.12.6. When I open Audiosculpt 3.4.5, it tells me, “the Temp folder is write protected. Please move Audiosculpt folder to a location the has read & write permissions.”( I can upload a jpg later if needed.) I installed Audiosculpt in the same place I always do, in an IRCAM subfolder in my applications folder. And I do have proper read and write permissions. Has anyone else experienced something like this? I am under the impression that 10.12.6 is a sort of beta version of 10.13, and this significant coding conflict is a result of that. The one fix I am considering is getting IT to help me downgrade to 10.12.5 since I know Audiosculpt works in that environment. Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Hi Max, I think if you just create a session folder in your home directory (as suggested in the startup dialog window) things will work ok.
I don’t think you’ll need to downgrade your OS for that.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try!


Yes, as Jean told you, you need to create a session folder in your home directory. This extra manipulation is needed for Mac OS X Sierra and above. Moving the AudioSculpt folder won’t help at all.
The new security / SandBox restrictions requires the user to properly set a session directory with read/write access in order for AudioSculpt to correctly write the temporary and analysis files.

Once you create this folder, everything should work properly.

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