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AudioSculpt 4 — On its Release and New Features


A few months ago, I saw Frederick Rousseau’s talk in Ateliers du Forum. He talked a bit about AudioSculpt 4, but not with much detail. Has a date been scheduled for its release already, and what are the top-tier new features that underly this new generational leap of AudioSculpt?

I’ve been using AudioSculpt for years quite intensely, I’m really looking forward to this new release.

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Hi all,

AS 4 or AS XR, what’s the future of AudioSculpt ? Any news about pm2 and SuperVP ?

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as a first step there will be new release of the IrcamLAB TS software (name not yet clear). I am no longer directly involved in the process but as far as I know the release is pretty close. This new release is understood to contain the fundamental GUI elements of version 4 of AudioSculpt. The development of AS 4 is expected to start soon after this release. There remains a whole lot of work so we don’t have a clear idea of when AS 4 (or whatever the name will be) might be available.

With respect to PM2 and SuperVP. These two are actively maintained and should not pose major problems with Catalina.


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