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Ascograph/import XML into antescofo?

Hi there,

I’ve just revitalized my interest in antescofo from years ago. I don’t remember what version i was using, but i no longer have that computer, so my first revisit of the program is with its latest release, 1.0, for Max.

I’m drawing a conclusion from an earlier thread about ascograph that ascograph is not compatible with antescofo 1.0 or is not present in antescofo because it uses legacy libraries. This is a problem for me in that i want to be able to import XML files for a large piece of music that i wrote into antescofo text files. I could do all of this from scratch, but i’m loathe to do that work if there’s another solution.

So, well, is there another solution? Is there a version of ascograph that functions with antescofo maybe from an earlier build? If not, is there an alternative way for me to transform my XML files into something more antescofo text friendly?


Hello Mendelle.

There is a web service that can be used to translate a Music XML file into an antescofo score. Go to http://forumnet-dev.ircam.fr/antescofo-converter/ and drop your file on the web page.

awesome. Merci!

Hi everybody, the antescofo converter service has been moved here:

Thanks for using this url from now.

Happy conversion

Is Ascograph compatible with Antescofo 1.01?

Hello Petroi.
The antescofo syntax accepted by Ascograph corresponds to Antescofo 0.3. Several new constructs present in version 1.0 are not recognized by Ascograph.

You can find some solution here: Editing the score - AntescofoDoc

Sorry for the delayed answer,