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ASAP v1.2.1 - New Release

:tada: ASAP version 1.2.1 is available!

This new version includes:

  • Fix: Pitches Brew - Crash when the temporal zoom is very important ~10ms (#220)
  • Fix: Stretch Life - Stretch Life - The constant stretch defined by the host is not supported (#219)
  • Fix: Pitches Brew - The F0 analysis score should correspond to the estimated periodicity rather than the confidence value (#217)
  • Fix: The authorization window hides the file browser window (#195)
  • Fix: ARA - The plug-in view mode accessibility is not always consistent with host support and plug-in instance context (#194)
  • Fix: ARA - The playing state is not well updated when used as region Fx in Reaper (#180)

There has been a mishmash of uploaded versions, this is fixed for macOS and Linux (the Windows version is coming soon).

And the Windows version is available, sorry for the delay :sweat_smile:.