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ASAP v1.1.1 - New Release

:rocket: ASAP version 1.1.1 is available with new isolation mode for the Spectral Surface plug-in!

This feature allows you to preserve the audio signal from surface filters and mute the rest of the audio content in order to, for example, isolate a specific element of the sound. The protection has also been improved to fix the problem of losing the license when updating the operating system :sweat:. You can find all the modifications and fixes in the change log of the project.

You can discover the new isolation mode on this new video!


Announcement: The Ircam Forum will be at SΓ³nar+D 2023. The Ircam Forum will present the software ASAP and tools for AI! I hope to see you there :face_with_monocle:.

And in the meantime, do not hesitate to send me your feedback!



Hi there, thank you for these plug-ins they are great.

I have one suggestion, and I see someone else already suggested the same thing in January so I will quote it here:

For example, another plug-in called DSEQ has this feature but I enjoy the simplicity of Spectral Clipping and what would make it extremely useful to me is the ability to clip at a slope.

Hope you can add this, thank you!

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Thanks for your feedback! We keep this proposal in mind :slight_smile:

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