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ASAP v1.0.1 - New Release

Happy new year to all of you,

The new version 1.0.1 of ASAP is available! It includes some important fixes, especially for the Spectral Surface plug-in, and some improvements including the ability to scale the GUIs. The documentation has been updated and the full list of changes is available in the changelog.

:point_right: ASAP Project

The transposition plug-in is progressing well, it will be called Pitches Brew! For those who would like to test the features, you will have access to the beta versions very soon.


The new version of ProTools is compatible with Apple Silicon (M1/M2)! And as previously announced, ASAP plug-ins are already compatible so you can use them directly in the native Silicon version of ProTools (without Rosetta). If you encounter any compatibility issues, please let me know.

Once again, this project would obviously not have been possible without the analysis-synthesis team that I thank enormously and in particular Axel Röbel and Frédéric Cornu!


Congratulations on developing this highly useful set of plugins!

Currently I’m focused on free plugins, Clip and Remix, not just because of their availability, but because of their simplicity that allows very quick workflow.

Here are some suggestions that could possibly be of use for future updates:

  • Option in menu to disable tooltips. Once you understand which control does what, those text popups can be distracting.
  • In Spectral Clipping there should be some kind of control for adjustment of spectrum slope before processing (internal sidechain), because higher frequencies are usually low amplitude and they get gated first, just as lower frequencies get clipped first. Most music-related signals have slope of 3 - 6 dB/octave, so there could be option to control slope in that range.
  • Clickless bypass. Most of the changes allowed with these plugins would be subtle, so the abrupt switch between bypass states distracts when comparing them. Simple latency-compensated crossfade would be fine (10-100ms).
  • Manual energy compensation (classic output gain).


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Thank you very much for your feedback! We will explore your suggestions for future releases :slight_smile:

For those who are adventurous :world_map:, you can find a beta version of ASAP 1.1.0 on this thread!