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ASAP v0.0.8 - New Release

Hello everyone,

:rocket: Here we go! ASAP plugins have been published recently on the Ircam Forum! But this is only the beginning of the adventure and with autumn leaves, and chestnuts, comes a new version 0.0.8 of the plugins! What should be remembered among the improvements, corrections, and new features offered?

  • The filters of the Spectral Surface plugin can be organized by groups to facilitate the editing of multiple surfaces
  • A listening tool offers a sound pre-rendering of the selected filters in the Spectral Surface plugin
  • Plugins in AAX format are natively compatible with Apple Silicon (ProTools needs to be natively compatible with Apple Silicon now…)
  • The interpolation of the Formant Shaping plugin now also operates on frequency and bandwidth for a more natural rendering

Please refer to the change log for further information. And, of course, the documentation has been updated :blue_book:.

:point_right: ASAP Project (download)


Along with Apple Silicon’s native support for ProTools, Avid has announced support for the ARA extension (only the Melodyne plugin is compatible at the moment), so you will soon be able to take advantage of the possibilities of the Spectral Surface in ProTools (and maybe of other plugins…) :eyes:.

Many thanks to Paola and the Forum team for organizing the Forum Workshops at New York University! For those who missed ASAP’s presentation, you will surely be able to find the video soon on the Ircam website. In the meantime, access to the Partiels & ASAP presentation video of the Forum Workshops 2022 at Paris has been made public :popcorn:.

Feel free to create a new thread or message on the Forum if you encounter any issues, have any questions, or need further information (or just to tell you like the project)! Thank you very much for your feedback and your participation 🫶.

Pour la communauté francophone : si vous avez un compte Audiofanzine, n’hésitez à noter et laisser un avis sur le page des plugins ASAP :heart: ! ASAP - Ircam ASAP - Audiofanzine

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