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AS 3.4.6 under macOS Mojave

Can anyone tell me why both the sonogram and the freeze process work perfectly with the included “cymbal[a].aiff” but not with “cymbal[o].aiff”? Here comes the message: “SuperVP reported an error”. I use AS 3.4.6 under macOS Mojave

Quelqu’un peut-il me dire pourquoi le sonogramme et le traitement „freeze“ fonctionnent parfaitement avec “cymbal[a].aiff” ci-joint mais pas avec “cymbal[o].aiff”? Voici le message: "SuperVP reported an error“. J’utilise l’AS 3.4.6 sous macOS Mojave.

cymbal[o].aiff (237.0 KB) cymbal[a].aiff (237.0 KB)

I’m not sure why, but it seems that AudioSculpt interprets a file name with square brackets as a pattern indicating that channels are stored in separate files instead of just one. So with “cymbal[a].aiff”, it would actually look for a file named “cymbala.aiff”.

I originally had the error with both files, until I added a “cymbola.aiff” file (which is pretty clearly the one that was processed, it’s obvious when the duration is different). My guess is that you have a “cymbala.aiff” in the same directory as “cymbal[a].aiff”.

So the issue here is the use of square brackets in the file name. Rename the files, and it should work.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this won’t be fixed (probably a convention for channel storage in some format)