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Ara2 Workaround in Ableton 11?

Hello all,

I am new here (Just subscribed an hour or so)

I produce and do music based sound design for Films scores working in Ableton 11

I’m a big fan of FFT/Spectral/Modal/Stretching in my production, use alot of GRM Tools/Haken Eagan Matrix & most of the IRCAM M4L tools etc, for creating soundscapes, rhythmic/percussive processing, pulses, processing of solo instruments for scores.

So I was very excited to hear about the ASAP plugins here, and then subsequently shocked to see Spectral Surface & Pitches Brew do not work in Ableton 11 due to the lack of ARA 2 support.

I figure there are many Live11 users here and was curious if there was a work around, as those were the 2 I was most interested in, espectially Surface

Also, if there are any other VST/M4L devices that could be suggested for “in DAW” or M4L use I would really apprectiate it!



Hello Jon,

Thank you for your feedback!

From this thread:

The ARA-extension support in Ableton Live has been requested by many users (Ableton Live support for ARA 2 - Ableton Forum 7), you can join them :wink:
You can use Reaper, Cubase, Studio One, Logic, and others… and it will even be supported by ProTools soon :slight_smile:

So you might be able to use one of these DAWs as an external editor. Another alternative would be to develop a small Max buffer~ object reader with ARA for use in an M4L patch but this requires C/C++ skills and the integration would be limited. The best solution is that Ableton integrates ARA support (which is free and open-source).

Best regards,

FYI, this is how to use an external editor with Ableton Live Ableton Live Tutorials: External Sample Editor Workflows - YouTube