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Applyenvelope vs line

Hello !

Is there a reason why the applyenvelope message (for modalys~) has its arguments ordered when fx the line object takes ?

It does not make the two ways of providing ramps very compatible unless one swaps every pair (and rescale time from ms to sec or vice versa).

I would suggest that the applyenvelope would confirm to the format of the line object to gain in intuitivety and thus usefulness. How do others feel about it?

Best Hans Peter

Hi again ! here’s an example to demonstrate the problem. Its just a snippet from the modalys~ helpfile showing why its so akward that applyenvelope does not have the same format as the line or function objects. My suggestion would be that applyenvelope should be corrected to comply with these. Would that be possible?

Kindly Hans Peter

Applyenvelope-example.maxpat (8.4 KB)