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Antesfoco with Pd on Fedora 34

Is there a way to use Antesfoco with Pd on linux machine? It seems the package providing Pd objects has only a dmg executable in it (besides the test-pd patch) which i was not able to extract files from or make Pd 0.51 recognize in any way.
Many thanks in advance

On this page


(you reach it following thz “Release” link on the right column on the Anetscofo distribution page on the ForumNet, you will find the version 0.92 that has been compiled for linux Debian.

I cannot ensure you that it will work on Fedora, because I haven’t tested it, but it should and it is worth a try.


Beautiful, putting the library in externals made it work right out of the box on Fedora 34 and Pd 0.51.4
There is only one error loading: User-defined “MYTHING” Inlet on 1 PROHIBITED due to PureData API limitations!
is there a reason to give it a second look?
Many thanks,

Hello Danwe.
Are you blocked by this error? (I am not sure to understand the extend of the problem).

@danwe I believe that “MYTHING” error is brought up when you open the PureData Antescofo Help file, where there’s a demonstration of an adhoc input (which apparently no longer works in PureData). Just ignore! :slight_smile:
We will update that Help file for the next release.
CC @giavitto

Thank you - ignoring it was no problem.
However, here is the results of my Fedora 34 tests: help file indeed works and gives a lot of valuable information, and demos are working fine also. Two issues i found: 1. Antescofo~ object on a fresh patch would not be created unless the help file is open in parallel. 2. closing the help file closes Pd all together.
What would be the cause of all this?
Many thanks,

@danwe that’s just because the Antescofo object is not in your Pd path. You can put the folder in one of the default folders of Pd or declare the path in your new Patcher.

See Pd help for that.

Thank you for the fast reply. funny I had to give it its own path and not just put it in the externals folder (which is in the paths). in any case, I had to rename the help file to antescofo~-help (adding the tilde) in order to access it from the fresh patch, right click>help. [antescofo] without tilde did not do the trick…
closing the help file in this scenario again, crashes Pd.
Many Thanks,

Update: Pd 0.51.4 and fedora 34 is highly unstable. modifying the antescofo~ object (adding @outlet for example) crashes Pd all together add gives this message:
[1] 139698 segmentation fault (core dumped) pd
Im using antescofo 0.92 since it is the latest available for Pd on linux (the latest does not)
Many thanks for any kind of help,