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Antescofo (pd) for Windows?

hello. I have already noticed that there are already a Max version of Antescofo for Windows, which works great and also I’m actually using on performing electroacoustic works with it by other composers. but are there also any new updates on Pure Data version for Windows? because I’m personally working on Pure Data more when I’m making something so it would be great if someone already compiled one.

I don’t have an immediate solution. Such version is definitively on the todo task, but we focus our limited manpower on the Max version. Our priorities and the development plan will be revised and discussed during the Ircam Forum, beginning of the next year.

Hi giavitto,

Have you some updates about this topic?

Thank you!

Hello Charleskneimog.
I am sorry but there is no progress on a new PD version for Windows.

However our overall strategy is to develop an open-source version of the real-time language, capable of interacting with an external listening module (which may be the current listening module, or another one), so that people will be able to compile the object on a variety of targets that we can’t currently address due to lack of manpower. The split of the current antescofo~ object into two independent objects is an heavy task and the first results should be announced for the end of this year.

Thank you for your understanding,

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This is already a great news.

Thank you!

yeah that’s fantastic news! I’d love to be able to build a custom listening module and use it with the language, all on Windows :slight_smile:

keep up the good work JL!