Antescofo for Windows 10, 64-bit?

Dear Community!

I am a classical pianist and would like to use Antescofo for accompanying piano performance with visual effects (on Max Jitter or Troikatronix Isadora). I am an absolute newbie in this field, thus I am sorry for this apparently very basic question: are there any versions of Antescofo which run on a Windows 10 PC with a 64 bit processor? Or is such a version in preparation?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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as the guys know, I keep hoping for an updated Windows version :slight_smile:

when I was at Ircam back in 2016 we managed to compile a Windows 32bit version, you can still find it among the downloads for v0.91:

still, a fresh Antescofo that works with Max 8 and includes the current listening engine would be brilliant. Maybe someday…

Thanks for your reply! Hm, what a pity… Do you know any other possibilities or solutions to get running Antescofo with Max8 on a PC? I would really appreciate every hint!

Hey all and sorry for my late reply! (I simply didn’t know the website had changed!!!)

We’ll have a look at this soon (after summer) and try to compile the new version on multiple platform. Though compiling for Windows (as @rvirmoors mentioned) has never been an easy task! Mac and Linux will stay our primary focus on this Forum.