Antescofo 1.0 vs 0.92


I have begun, a few months ago, a new Max Patch with Antescofo 0.92 that works fine. Now, I have downloaded the new Antescofo version (1.0) and I’m testing it on the same patch. When I ask Antescofo to jump to a label in the score the Max window reports a message like this : “antescofo~: Cowardly refuse to send 8774 messages: keep the first 512”
I understand that my score messages or curves are partially send.
In the normal reading (from the score beginning) I have been constrained, with 1.0 version, to change my curves grain attribut from 10ms to 50ms or 60ms.

Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Henri


Hello algH.

Antescofo is reluctant to send too much messages to Max, because a burst of messages may lead Max to crash. The exact behavior depends of the kind of objects addressed by the messages, the priorities, the kind of messages (i.e. if they are send in response to a Max message, as a computation triggered by the exhaustion of a delay, as a computation triggered by a musical event detection), etc.

If your object is recent enough, you can change (at your own risk) the Antescofo limit with the function :


where xxxx is the new limit (an integer). If you change this limit, consider enlarging the Pooll Throthle and the Queue Throtle in Max’s preferences.

If this function is unknown with your object, I can send you a more recent version of the antescofo object. The version 1.1 will be available in jully.


Thanks for your reply Jean-Louis !