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[announcement] Orchidea ver. 0.5

Dear all
I am glad to announce the release of the Orchidea package for Max for assisted orchestration, ver. 0.5.
You can find the package here: http://www.carminecella.com/orchidea/

This package replaces the previous software Orchids (that will be now distributed as legacy software).

To install the Max package, just unzip the downloaded file and copy the orchidea folder inside the Max folder located in your Documents folder. Some tutorials included in the package require the bleeding edge Bach and Dada libraries to function properly. You need to download these libraries directly from here and you cannot use the versions included in the Max package manager.

The basic distribution also includes a stripped version of the SOL orchestral database called TinySOL.

Please feel free to address any comment to carmine.cella@berkeley.edu


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Hi Carmine,

Thank you for your very good work I already appreciated in Udine.
I apologize if my question is not pertinent, and I must premise I am still on OsX 10.8.5, Max7 (last version), and I think I have last versions of Bach, Dada and so on, directly downloaded from their site.
I receive always the same error whatever orchidea patch I open. I enclose the screenshot of Max Console. The same on my Institute computer, with OsX El Capitan.
Have you any idea or suggestion? Thank you in advance.



Hi Fabio
Please be sure that you open Max in 64 bit mode.

Hi Carmine,

Yes, generally I use always Max in 64 bit mode. However I have also controlled, and it is in 64 bit mode.



I think it’s a problem related to OSX. Which version you have?

I had specified in my first post: my OsX version is 10.8.5, and on the computer of my class in Livorno I have El Capitan, that is, if I remember good, 10.11.
The result is the same on both computers.

I am not a programmer, but if I read good, in Max Console, it is a problem related to /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib. I had tried to update only that library, but I think it is not possible.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion


When I add my sounds in the Orchids or Orchidea it takes very long time to process.
When I start again the application Orchids, in the upper right conner I get a message “construction note…”. And it takes hours with no end in sight.
What is the solution?

Orchids and Orchidea are completely different systems so I don’t really understand your question.
Please use Orchidea, that is the latest version. Orchids is only distributed as legacy software now.

Hello Carminecella,
I would be interested in the criteria Orchidea uses for orchestration (algorithmic parameters, etc.)
Are there composers who have already worked with Orchidea and live orchestras? What is your experience? Orchestration is a delicate and very sensitive matter, not all instruments melt together … even with the translation you have to cut back not everything that Orchidea orchestrates is playable.
The results all sound great, but what if I give it to an orchestra? Please reply Dietmar

Hi Dietmar,
several composers, including myself, used Orchidea for professional music creation. I suggest you try the tutorials in the max package and go through the help files of orchidea.solve in max (check all tabs above).
Please let me know if you have any specific question.