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An error of type simple-error

hello omlisters,

I happen to have an internal maquette with some score objects. some come from xmulti instances. after upgrading to Mojave (but perhaps it’s not related) when I press m for showing contents I get the error: (see pic)
I tried the following:

  1. got out from the maquette all xmulti objects
  2. connected all self outs to self ins in proper plain multichordseqs
  3. put back the newly created mchseqs in the maquette
    but I get the same error. so these last mchseqs have inherited some offending data. is there a way to clean them up?
    yes, I’m aware the xmulti lib is, well, buggy. although some features are incredibly handy I’ve learned the lesson and for the present time have suspended its use.
    as usual, thanks in advance for any info or suggestions.

*edit: if I create a new xmulti and put it into the maquette, there’s no error when pressing m. if it helps, the old xmulti objects where created in om6.12.

hi again,
I think I’ve found the problem. I tried deleting the “instr x” that xmulti inserts at the beginning of every staff and no more errors. other text inserts can be kept, they don’t give any problem.
thanks again!

oops!, it seems that after deleting those text entries, they’re being placed back again when the omxmulti library is reloaded. even when the xmulti objects are saved as blocked. any hint on how to solve this?
thanks again,

Hi Perti,

It seems it is the miniview in maquette of xmulti object. Therefore it is dependent to this library and not an om bug. It is good to report this to the authors.


hello karim,

yes I thought it had something to do with the library. I’ll report it.
I suspect there is more than a mini view problem. I managed to go back to ‘normal’ multichseqs taking the self output of a xmulti to a new mchordseq and taking the 2nd output from it to a another mchordseq. why all this? the first mchordseq is reported by 'get info’as a xmulti. nevertheless, this worked only for some objects.
I think there is a problem with calling the library. if I copy one of those ‘rebel’ objects to another patch, it seems they still calling for the library and return an error warning, but if I open any other patch which actually calls for the library first, then I get no errors. I would expect to get the skull icon for this objects that need a not present library but instead they look ok giving errors at evaluation. something strange is going on behind the scene!
thanks again!

…sorry i meant miniview mode regarding specifically the xmultichord-seq, since this doesn’t happen at all with “normal” chord-seqs, and does not happen when you use xmultichord-seq object WITHOUT a mini-view inside a maquette.
I believe, it is a small issue that could be fixed…