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All ratios displayed in tuplets (Sibelius export))

Since switching to a newer OpenMusic version, when exporting Openmusic voices as MusicXML to Sibelius, 2 and 4 ratios are also displayed in tuplets. Is there an error with my Openmusic settings?

Screenshot (113)

No, there is no error here. It is an unfortunate side effect in OM’s code.
Will look into that. If you don’t need the unnecessary 2 tuplet:

  1. erase it in Sibelius,
  2. don’t use a group: use instead of this: ((7 16) (-1 3 (1 (-1 1)) 1.0 1))
    this tree ((7 16) (-2 6 -1 1 2.0 2))

The time we check up the code. (it is a silly bug), due maybe to compatibility issues (Finale vs Sibelius)…


Hi lateralus891!

Have you tried the omsib library?

Since I am a Sibelius user for more than 20 years now, I’ve created this for exporting voice and poly objects via .TXT files (not MusicXML). I’ve tested on Mac and Windows and for me it’s working just fine.


Thank you both for your answers.

1st to K:

Good, so it wasn’t my fault. Deleting in Sibelius is actually quite tedious, as deleting the tuplet results in deleting the notes themselves. Therefore, I will follow your suggestions regarding the rhythm tree.

2nd to Paulo:

I actually did this a few weeks ago, but in trying to work with it (somewhat superficially, I must admit), I frequently ran into the In + of (nil1) arguments should be of type number error when trying to use the om->sib function.

Dear lateralus891

Thank you. I will look into that once back from vacation. But will ask you to test it since i don’t have Sibelius.


Dear lateralus891,

The library still in development (beta), so feel free to share your experience with it and I can try to find a solution.

At least in theory, it should work with no big effort (without the optional arguments for instruments, texts, articulations and lines, which it is not so user friendly).

I’ve also made a little change in the conversion of nested tuplets from OM and Sibelius, but it should be tested (you can download it from sources in the same link I’ve sent before).



If you have Max/MSP you could try exporting to bach and from bach to XML, otherwise you could also bridge Sibelius and OM with NoteAbility Pro (free.)

All the best,

I have a fix for this silly issue that appears only in sibelius not on Finale or musescore. But Sibelius is right. so here is the fix:

patchxml-030724.lisp (213 Bytes)

  • Quit OM
  • Put this file in the init folder inside your OM installation
  • launch and test.

Hope this fixes it/

The trouble with these applications (Finale, musescire, sibelius etc.) is that they don’t parse and render an xml file the same way example:
On Finale (without the fix):

On Musescore (without the fix):

With or without the fix they render the same score.


Hello K,

your patch works great, thank you very much.

-To Paulo

I will try your library again. Especially if it can handle nested tuplets reliably, that would be a real step forward.

Best regards