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Algorithmic changes to parameters

In Modalys, what is the best way to move beyond the experimentation cycle of change a parameter, run/play, edit parameter, run/play etc. etc.

Is there a simple way to automate this process using random controllers? So for example - produce 10 sound objects each lasting 5 seconds, each with a different value for a particular parameter? Adding randomness to parameters using random functions is trivial but how to avoid the necessity of manually running/playing each time?

(I refer to ModaLisp but the same question holds for the OpenMusic and Max versions.)

Many thanks,

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the answer delay…

You can achieve the task you describe in ModaLisp using a loop . Here is an example where I create several sounds to feed a sampler:

07a_batch-plate+hammer.mos (2.2 KB)

Note the use of the (do …) function where I use the “note” variable to synthesise pitches every 4 semitones and save the resulting sound automatically on the disk. From this example, you can imagine to use the loop’s variable to modify another parameter of the object…

It is possible possible to do the same in OM or Max but I fell ModaLisp more direct for this kind of task.

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Hi Jean,
Apologies for the delay in replying.
Many thanks for your answer; it was most helpful.
Best wishes,