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Aes67 streams directly from max?


I am looking for a way to stream AES67 from MaxMSP. is there a way to do this?

I can’t use Dante because it won’t play nice with Jack audio connection kit. So I was thinking, maybe there is a way to stream from max?

Greetings, Marijn.


I’m not aware of any such thing, and I doubt it exists.
One question, however : what do you mean “Dante wont play nice with Jack” ? (as far as I remember, it’s possible to use them both simultaneously)


Hi T, thank you for your reply. I realize that this question is not really spat related. It makes sense that there is no way to do it in max. However, I have seen that Spat revolution supports integrated AES67, so I was thinking maybe spat5 for max has it too. “Dante wont play nice with Jack” I tried to send the system output from jack audio connection kit to Dante Virtual Soundcard (windows 10) But this did not work.

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