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Aed->xyz grouping issue…

Hi again,

I’ve made a conversion aed->xyz for a speakers configuration, but I can’t group lists…

I don’t think it’s very difficult but I don’t success…

using mapcar ?

converter.omp (5,1 Ko)

How do you want to “group” your groups ?
example, patch ?

It’s for Spat,

That’s why handling that is very important for me…

For speakers location : hexaphony

((-0.5 0.87 0)
(0.5 0.87 0)
(1.0 0.0 0.0)
(0.5 -0.87 0)
(-0.5 -0.87 0)
(-1.0 0.0 0.0))

I always use aed for everything

((x1 y1 z1)
(xn yn zn))

Sorry Jerome,

Didn’t get your attached patch… (ophtalmiK problems!)

It is simple, just forget these display gizmos, and use the outputs with a mapcar list like so: