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Adding pitch to rhythm

Hi all,

I’ve got a scale here and I’d like to super-impose these pitches upon the rhythmic durations already laid out. How best do I achieve this?

Thanks again for all your help.


nesting 1.0.4.omp (96.9 KB)

Hi Hamish,

You can use the voice-slots object as so:

The patch:
nesting 1.0.4b (103.5 KB)


Hi Karim,

Thanks for this. I feel I might not have been clear: how do I configure the patch such that, in the scale degree box, [6] conforms to the 6th pitch in the list labelled scale (so that they do not appear in the order laid out by the scale) and that both pitch and rhythm are present in the voice (wrongly) labelled ‘sub-div’. Will having pitch involved affect the sub-div and probation internal patches?

Many thanks again.


Dear Hamish,

Sorry this is even more obscure to me. Can you be more simple since i cannot understand your process.


Dear Karim,

I have a six pitches: (1 = 456, 2 = 228, 3 = 522, 4 = 162, 5 = 112, 6 = 560). I’d like a patch that re-orders those pitches to match the “scale degrees” list (so, 456 (= 1), 162 (= 4), 112 (= 5), 560 (=6), 228 (= 2), 522 (= 3), 112 (=5)).



I don’t know, you mean something like that?:

still not very clear to me…

nesting 1.0.4c (104.5 KB)

I’d like this to be the end result (

: :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply,

But can you send the new patch?

nesting 1.0.3.omp (584.0 KB)

To start with, which combination (rotation) did this scale come from?

Not relevant here; the ‘scale’ can be in any order. It’s the ordering of individual scale degrees/elements (i.e. 3rd note in scale) that interests me the most.

Would thinking of the ‘scale’ as a ‘tone row’ help?

Not in your case, since you build a scale starting from a permutation of intervals.
But if you just want to set these scales for each voice you have just to do the following:

for changing scales you should use a loop with different rotation of intervals.

I am not sending a patch since i am not sure what you really want.


Yes, this is on the path. Sorry I’m having such a hard time articulating this. Here’s another patch – does this help?
nesting 1.0.3(ii).omp (580.8 KB)

Ok, but still not getting what you want. Sorry.
Please make it simple and straightforward.

Just got it sorted, thanks!
nesting 1.0.3(iii).omp (37.5 KB)