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Adding Meta-descriptors for visualisation and listening

Dear Catart team and community,

I have a dataset of musical instrument sounds that were annotated by humans on timbral features, and I wish to use your wonderful tool for navigating in the dataset with these descriptors.

For instance, I have scores of brightness and nasality for each sound in different .csv files on one side and the sounds themselves on the other side. How can I implement those scores so the sounds are organised accordingly (e.g. x-axis = brightness, y-axis=nasality)?

Here is a toy dataset of 10 samples of the kind of data I’m treating.

The scores:
scores_bright.csv (425 Bytes)
scores_nasal.csv (415 Bytes)

The sounds:
sounds.zip (3.5 MB)

Thank you for your kind forthcoming help :slight_smile: .

Best wishes,


Hi Victor, in catart-mubu-tutorial 10 import external descriptors you can find an example which imports your sounds.
The least trivial part is reading the csv files into Max. I combined them into a tab-delimited file scores_combined.txt which also gives the column names.

Thank you very much for your quick proposition that seems to almost get me there.

However I have a collection of
‘imubu: invalid view name descr for view message’
‘imubu: invalid view name descr for foremost’
warnings when importing.

And I don’t seem to be able to visualize the scatterplot of the sounds (which is my purpose), I only get similar errors when clicking the ‘scatterplot’ button.
Finally, the umenus do not provide many any choices for the axis and I wonder if that is normal.

Thank you again, I am almost there :).


Let’s see why it doesn’t work for you. In the latest commit, you can read the txt explicitly and check it with open. You also need to have catart-mubu (and the data and audio files to be loaded) in Max’s search path. Best

Thank you for your help.

So far I think everything is checked (search path etc.) as I can open other tutorials and play them. And the print of the .txt file works as well.

It is when I click on the ‘scatterplot’ for display that nothing is changing.

I’m not sure how to fix that…

are the sound files loaded (display mode “markers”)?
does clicking on “refresh display” change anything?

  • are the sound files loaded (display mode “markers”)?
    I can see the waveform of each file (i don’t know how to read them from there) .

  • does clicking on “refresh display” change anything?
    Nothing at all :slight_smile:

I can send you a screenshot maybe ?

Oh, and are you using the latest Mubu 1.10.1?
I’ll be around Thursday to have a look.

Okay, I will reinstall everything to be sure.

Thank you

Ach! my bad, I forgot to commit a change in scores_combined.txt example file, which MUST start with a line

"Filename" <descr name 1> <descr name 2>...


Nice ! It works perfectly now ! Thank you Diemo !

New error now,

I got a “Demo” effect today, despite the fact that everything was working well yesterday.
I have new errors of externals that I did not have yesterday:

“mubu.knn: unable to load object bundle executable”
“mubu.concat~: unable to load object bundle executable”

So now the menus “period” and “duration” are blocked and I can’t play anything.

I tried reinstalling the whole thing without success.

this can be due to Max finding old versions of mubu.knn.mxo, etc., or due to Max running in 32bit with Mubu 1.10, which is 64bit only.

I anticipated those two answers:

  • I made sure that my version of Max 8 is 64 bit
  • I deleted and reinstalled catart and MuBu as advised by the github. I also checked eventual duplicates of the external but …no

Still does not work though, but it works on my colleagues Macbook pro for some reason.
I you are around tomorrow and have some spare time maybe you can help me with that :slight_smile: ?

Yes, I’d definitely like to take a look tomorrow. I should be available from 12h in A110. See you!

Hello Diemo,

I changed my mac and I have an issue with the length of the sounds. Currently I cannot set an absolute duration for the sounds (only relative). Would you know how to fix it ?

I am on Max 12.1 and max 8.3.0.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Victor,
are you using the catart-mubu-tutorial 10 import external descriptors? There’s a dedicated number box for fixed duration.

The message is: duration <absolute [ms]> <relative>, where both are added, so connecting a number box to

duration $1 0

will enforce a fixed duration.

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Got it ! thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry for the basic question.