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Adding live recording into MFCC/PCA example

Dear friends,

I was experimenting a bit with mfcc/PCA patch. It is quite intriguing and musically valuable approach
@classifing sounds.
I just wanted to add a live recording feature in order to grab in realtime some material.
What I usually do is to add and connect a camu abstraction (camu-record) via its outlets as decribed in the sub-patcher.
The problem with the mfcc/pca patch is that the analysis and synthesis process follows a different procedure (at lease from what I see) so I am not sure about how to connect the camu-record outlet to the other objects in the patcher.

Any suggestion would be really appreciated.

All the best to you !


Any thought ?


Hi Federico, best holiday thoughts and wishes to you!
I’m sure you checked out catart-mubu-tutorial 4 record, but I can guess that you refer to the off-line nature of PCA, which is very different from the short-term descriptor analysis.
You could most simply recalculate the PCA just before the update of the knn.
Other approaches would use the forward transform to place new segments in the PCA space (that has been set up from an example corpus).
Hope this helps you advance a little.
All the best!

Hi Diemo, best holiday to you and your family as well !

So you mean that I record my sources first and after filling the corpus (recording off) I engage the processing again

Am I right?

Many Thanks !