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Adding a z-axis for descriptors, playing 3D timbre spaces in vr

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I’m involved in a project which will be experimenting with concatenative synthesis in VR, and am curious about adding a z-axis for descriptors.

Seems like I could hack on [camu.menu] and the [p imubu-setup] to achieve this, but I wondered if you had any ideas or foresee any difficulties?

Below is Diemo’s response from within the github issue thread:

There should be no difficulty at all on the catart-mubu side, just send in one more item with the “columns” and “select” messages for the 3rd dimension.
Visualizing it is up to you =-).
Just be aware that the space gets less dense with every added dimension, so there will be ever larger empty regions. Here, k > 1 and radius are your friend. We’re also pretty close to integrating pca witih catart.