hello om-users,

I’m trying to replicate the first example at
but it seems that evaluating the addbox2maquette doesn’t yield the expected results. am I not understanding something?
I’m on macOS high Sierra om6.12 (yes, need to update but I’m in the middle of an ongoing project)
thanks in advance,


Hi Perti,

it would be useful to precise what do you mean by “doesn’t yield the expected results” :slight_smile:

One possible source of error is the “reference” evaluation mode of the maquette box (see the little down-arrow icon)



Hope this helps,


oh sorry if I wasn’t explicit enough. “doesn’t yield the expected results” means that the maquette is still empty after evaluation of addbox2maquette. the reference mode is set, with the little arrow on the maquette icon. but nothing change inside the maquette, it remains empty.
I just wanted to place al tempboxes at the same height in the maquette, because by default al boxes get at different (ascending) places when sending a list of objects to the 2nd input of the maquette. after investigating how to do this I found the example in the manual and tried to adapt it to my needs. then i thought I was doing something wrong but to be sure I replicated the example in a different patch of a my workspace and realised it wasn’t yielding the expected results.
I can do all that manually, but wanted to see if I did it wrong or if it was due to some kind of an “undocumented feature”.
thanks again,


Have you tried to reset the maquette display bounds ?
Maybe your boxes are just not visible.



patch-addbox2maquette.omp (7.3 KB)


oh yes! that’s right!.. the boxes were out of sight!
thank you for pointing that up.
well, as I suspected, it was my fault.
merci beaucoup!
best regards,