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Add-synth truncates output

pm2-add-synth truncates the synthesis not taking into account the note release, and also i always get a click at the end of the output sound file. is there any way to circumvent this bug?
Thanks everybody!

Dear Ratox,

Can you be more precise ?
which version of OM
which platform
which version of om-pm2 lib

And if possible an MWE of the particular problem.
The tutorial patch seems to work as it should do.


Cher Karim,
this has been consistent to me on every version…and you can hear it also on tutorial patches if you set the release long enough (original 0.1 makes no much difference).
Here you have the output of the tutorial patch with a 2 seconds release (nice pad!)

Anyway my system:
MacOs 10.14 OM 6.16 and OM# 1.0
Last om-pm2 lib taken from github (but old did the same)

Dear Ratox,

Yes you’re right. It seems that the beginning and end of the synthesis are cropped. It seems it is the normal behavior of pm2. In order not to have these:

  1. try putting an offset of silence before and after your sequence.
  2. or use the command line adding these with -B and -E switches.

Maybe should redesign the function in order to take these into account.