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Add extra objects to score


I am trying to add a symbols for tremolo to the notes in a chord-sequencer.
If I understand it properly, I have to use class add-line and function add extras.
The first input of the class add-line should be an object.
In what format is this object? Can I use fonts and/or graphical objects (and if yes, then in what format)?
Also, does the chords inherit the added extra symbols when passed to other chord-seq or voice?
Do the extras export to notation programs?

Perhaps these questions seems ridiculous, but I am trying to use extra-objects for the first time and I can’t find any examples or instructions. (The explanations in Function reference are partial and insufficient.)

Best regards!


Hi Aliser,

Yes it is possible to add extras of course. Now for new extras, this is another thing.
Let’s say these extras are in a beta condition since a couple of yrs. That’s why, documentation, examples, are still lacking. I will send soon a small example on how to add an extra an already existing extra in a patch way (not editor way).

Dear Karim,

Thank you for answering!

Since I am using a lot of successive instrumental technique changes, it is important for me to mark this changes also on graphical level in the OM score-objects, especially because these changes are automatized. (Reediting this markings by hand after the export to notation-program is quite laborious (and boring) with high percent of possible mistakes.) That is a reason why I am looking for use of extra-objects. (Also, very important question for me is: are the edited extra-objects exportable to Sibelius?)

Hence, I am very interested in getting an example or instruction on how to use extra-objects.

By the way, a couple a month ago, I’ve encountered with Bach library for Max, and I was amazed with possibilities of its score editors (grace notes, direct control of parameters, direct editing of extra symbols, etc.). Sorry for my ignorance, but is it planed that the OM score objects in some future edition also gain such possibilities? (Is that obtainable in OM at all?)

Thank you again and all the best!


Dear Aliser,

Concerning extras, i will send you a lisp code and an example to use. Unfortunately, the extras functions are buggy and this has been notified to the dev team,.
Now concerning Bach, basically most , not to say ALL the rhythm feature and code has been ported from OM into BAch.
Bach being maybe a great invention, however it has it’s own l;imitations (and severe ones). But here is not the place to disscuss this,.!



Here it is . The placing of the extras are rather sloppy. Om lack’s here some “intelligent” placement, since it is NOT a typesetter. this could be fixed but will need some coding+testing.
NOTE: Placing an extra WILL NOT change the dynamic of the chord. It is just a tag, that could be used to be exported into notation. (coming soon)!


I couldn’t download this patch today. Do you still have some demo patches for extras? I have not completely understood how to use them.


Hello Karim,

I would like to use grace notes or other extra objects in OM (especially in a voice object) and I found this old conversation.

how to add an extra an already existing extra in a patch way (not editor way).

I would like to know how to do it if it is possible.

Best regards,

Dear Tsubasa

There is no grace note as an extra object in a voice. And by the way, for the time being, grace notes are not supported in OM.
Now if you want to put extra objects in a voice using a method here is a lisp file (put it in the init folder), and an example patch.
If yo need to use other extra objects in a voice, (text, dynamics, note-heads and line are only available for the time being, cf. classes->Score->Extras) i can forward you the rest of the lisp methods.


extra-text.omp (14.2 KB)
add-extra-text.lisp (1.3 KB)

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