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Action-time problem in a Lisp-function


I can’t get this Lisp function to work, as the two add-1 get synthesized simultaneously. I experience no problem when working inside a graphical Omloop.

(lambda ()
(let* ((fq '((100 150) (200 250)))
(at '(0 3))
(dur '(3 3)))
(loop for x in fq for y in at for z in dur collect (make-instance 'add-1
:numcols (length x)
:action-time y
:durs z
:freq x))))

Thank you in advance for any help


class-array is very special, and you can not instanciate it as a “normal” Lisp class.
You should use om-make-array and something like:

(om-make-array 'add-1
   (length x) ; numcols
   y      ; action-time
   nil    ; user-fun
   :durs z
   :freq x))))
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