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Accumulator documentation clarification please

This is from the Openmusic manual documentation on accumulators.

Down and left says that the Init input in an accumulator defines its behaviour. Then it says that it must take a function in lambda mode. That sentences means that the init input must take a function in lambda mode or that the accumulator should take a function in lambda mode? Because up and right it already said that a lambda function must be connected to the Fun input.

What I understand is that the Init input takes just an initial value, and the Fun input takes a lambda function.
My main question:
Does the init input take also a lambda function?

Hi Archiduque,

No, in fact the init input (second) of acum just takes an init value. It could take for special operations a lambda, but these are rare cases. The lambda (binary) function should be connected to the third input of acum only and this will be the operation that will be applied starting with the init value, accumulating the results. It could be a binary function or a patch in lambda mode with two non-connected inputs as it is shown in the Om tutorial Nr. 36 here:

Hope this is clearer than the doc :slight_smile:
which by the way is somehow outdated, but still correct, except some glitches as you pointed this out. (thx by the way)


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