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Accum - and I'm lost :-)

Accum.omp (8.9 KB) EDIT: The example from the manual is now working. My fault. I’ve added the patches.
Question: How can I extract the numbers from the list in Listener. (Sorry for this rudimentary question.)

Hi, I’ve programmed the accumulation-example in this link, and as output I only get the last number not the whole list represented in the example.

What I’m trying to achieve by modifying the example is the following:

  1. Taking for example the following list (4 3 3 5 1)
  2. I’m looking for this procedure: 0+4=4+3=7+3=10+5=15+1=16 et cetera.

Best, Dagfinn

Hi Dagfinn, check #'dx->x

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Hi Anders, thanks a lot!

Hvorfor gjøre det enkelt når en kan gjøre det militært. :rofl:

Ta da! Thanks again! This is perfect.

Dear Dagfinn,

Hi again. Yes Anders is right, what you were looking for is dx->x, a classical way to compute “onsets”.

However jsut in case you want to know how you should program this in a loop (not so difficult, you were nearly there…):

Should just have to collect your accumulations (like above)…


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Dear Karim, thanks a lot, I’ve modified the patches now. Cool. I really need to be familiar with the Loop-functions in Open Music. Some of my patches are really not elegant and very home made.
I tend to think that the most complex solution has to be the best one. :slight_smile:
To my “defence” I had on the sketch written “intervall I mellom dx-> eller x->dx.” But until now - over 20 years - I’ve only used those functions for pitch, so I didn’t test it…

Best, Dagfinn

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