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About three parameter… for OSCar

Hello Thibaut,

Here is an xml script for OSCar that I saw on this discussion page… Especially the last 3 that I don’t know. I just changed the names there (I hope I’m not mistaken…) You can’t see these settings on the console… can you tell me more ? Will the experimentation be enough?

<parameter index="1" name="Azimuth" pattern="/source/$1/azim" min="-180" max="180" default="0"/>
<parameter index="2" name="Elevation" pattern="/source/$1/elev" min="-90" max="90" default="0"/>
<parameter index="3" name="Distance" pattern="/source/$1/dist" min="0.1" max="12" default="1"/>
<parameter index="4" name="Pressure" pattern="/source/$1/pres" min="0" max="120" default="40"/>
<parameter index="5" name="Brilliance" pattern="/source/$1/bril" min="0" max="50" default="25"/>
<parameter index="6" name="Warmness" pattern="/source/$1/warm" min="0" max="50" default="25"/>

I would like to know more about these three parameters…

Thank you in advance,



Hello Jérôme,

These are parameters of spat5.oper (unrelated to Panoramix) : source presence, brilliance, warmth (part of the perceptual factors of spat5.oper).


Ok, thanks !

But where did i find this strange oscar.xml ?




This is the example xml file shipped with OSCar.