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About the same ID

Hello everyone!
I have a question, maybe a simple one, but I don’t understand it.
In a project, different types of sources of /Track/1 and /Stereo/1 appear at the same time (cannot be changed OSC), but the same ID cannot be selected at the same time in the plugin, otherwise there will be failure or control error, what should I do?can anyone help me, thanks.

Very surprising that this question has never been asked !
You cannot changed this on the OSCar side.

If you are trying to control Panoramix, then you can change the ID there i.e. you could have /Track/1 and /Stereo/2. In order to change this, you need to manually edit your session preset. This is a little tricky as the indices have to be changed (consistently) in several places. Make a backup copy of your session before editing ! Or let me know if you need more help.



I’m used to set a parent track in reaper with OSCar inside but no audio routing for each index in my Panoramix Project. Then as children tracks, I create my mono and/or stereo objects which allows me to have one OSCar for /Mono/1 and /Stereo/1 and to draw automation not so far from the different audio clip. Then for each Mono and Stereo track, I declare an audio hardware output.

Here are my oscar xml and an example reaper project if needed …

demo_oscar_pano.rpp (14.4 KB)
oscar.xml (3.0 KB)


Thank you very much for your reply, this is indeed a good idea, I will try it. but unfortunately, they are still not independent.