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About : “FASL error: #P”/...../.64xfasl"

Dear Users,

Some of you (thanks to them), reported these errors while loading libraries using OM 7.0 on Mac platforms:

“FASL error: #P”/Users/…/OM/Libraries/…/sources/…64xfasl"

These errors are not important. They are caused by compiled sources using Lispworks 7. However, OM 7 is compiled using LispWorks 8. That’s why.

The libraries will load anyhow. No worry.


I’m on a Mac with Monterey 12.6, Intel-based from 2019.

I just downloaded 7.1, and I’m getting the message "Error while loading the library LZ: “Fasl of version 7.1 cannot be loaded into this version”.

Unfortunately this prevents me from loading any librarires, and/or my existing workspace, so I can’t really ignore it.

Any other tips for getting past this problem?

I might add that when I try to load and use my older OM version 6.19, it now immediately crashes .


Yes very simple:

  1. open the library’s folder
  2. go to the source folder
  3. delete all files with extension .*fasl

restart OM

thank you!

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