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Ableton Ircamax ?


How can we do when we bought the Ircamax bundle here to be registered at Ableton please ?


I’d like an answer to this, too, please. Because I can no longer download Ircamax collection from this site (even though I’ve paid for the collection).

Where can I download updates?

Also, I need to request a new key for activation. Where can I do this?



We asked Ableton to give us serials for the previous owners of the Ircamax.
You will receive a new serial next week to register the collection on your Ableton account.

Best regards

Jean Lochard
Ircamax developer

Hi every one

We officially change our distribution of Ircamax Collection. we want to precise 4 points :
1- Your actual collection still work
2- This new collection is Now 32 & 64 Bits , MAC and PC
3- We will send to all members who bought Ircamax thru the Forum a New Ableton Serial Number ( this will be done during next week )
4- you will be able to download the Ircamax Collection 1 thru Ableton web site and get all futures updates thru Ableton now….

Important information: this collection is a little bit different ( no more Geiss Enveloper ) michel GEISS will design his proper collection of instruments.
For the Multi FX and Chord Seq they do not appear in Ableton / Ircamax collection anymore , but they will stay on the forum for free.

All the best

Mr Rousseau

where can I download the new collection, with a research, I found the forumnet page but when I click on “download” it seems there’s no page left ?

Hi Jerome

This is the Link where you can download IRCAMAX collection 1 thru Ableton web site…



I don’t think I understand. I can’t download anything at the ableton.com URL you mention. I can “add to cart”, but I have already paid for Ircamax. I can’t download anything.


What you will have to do is “Add a serial” on your Ableton account page and enter the serial we will send you next week. Then “IRCAMAX 1” will appear in your list of pack and it will downloadable.


Jean Lochard
Ircamax developer

Anybody received the new serial?
I have Individual Premium Access, can I ask for the new serial number?
All the best,