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A simple patch to start

Dear all,
I attach here a simple patch that shows a number of things together:

  • output to bach.roll
  • microtones
  • quantization and MusicXML export

I think this could be a good starting point for new users.

Hope it helps
basic_orchestration.maxpat (185.7 KB)

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Hello Carmine,

In your example patch, in [orchidea.play~] has the @detunepitch 1 attribute while MyOrch, which does everything this patch does, according to the tutorials, has the @detune 1 attribute and it seems to work like that.

Your patch : image

Example of tutorials and MyOrch : image

Many thanks in advance,



hi Jerome
thanks for noticing. The patch I did is way less than your MyOrch, it is just a small help for new users.
I made it for a friend and thought I would share.
All best


just one thing I’ve seen while making my patch, just a [deferlow] for quantify…

basic_orchestration.maxpat (76,8 Ko)


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Thank so much