A New Tonnetz Editor for OpenMusic


I’ve attached a Zip archive of a Tonnetz editor for OpenMusic. Just follow the instructions in “intro.txt” to install and get started, and you’re set.

This Tonnetz editor is a debugged, revamped version of Diego Diverio’s “work in progress” for an OM Tonnetz library in 2014.


All the best,

Tonnetz.zip (70.4 KB)

Hi Antonio,

This is great, thanks for this contribution.

Why don’t you create a pull-request on the GitHub project, so that this gets integrated in the actual Tonnetz library ?


Hello Jean,

About the pull-request, I’ll gladly do so, but I think it would be best if I repackaged it as a OM library, first. Will that work for you?

All the best,

What I suggested was more to integrate your code as modification inside the existing Tonnetz library, instead of creating a new one.
The best way for doing that would be:

  1. clone the exiting git repository
  2. make and git-commit your modifications
  3. create the “pull request” so I can integrate your modifications in the library

Hi again Jean,

I thought I was clear. I wasn’t proposing a new library, rather to repackage “tonnetz.lisp” according to the existing Tonnetz git repository to make the integration easier.
I’ll do as you suggest, when I find the time.

All the best,