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7.2 Speed Issue

Hello ! I don’t know if it’s just me, but the new version of OM seems painfully slow in displaying score editors (I am mainly working with POLY, and I’m displaying some 4-parts Guillaume Dufay right now, so nothing really overcomplicated). I did’t have this problem with the previous version and my machine is quite fast … (I am on MacOs Monterey). Any idea ? Thanks a lot ! M.

Ok I have to partially rectify. I changed Os a few weeks ago (I was still on 10.12). After moving to Monterey I also switched to OM7.2
I just tried 7.1 and the display of POLY is also slow as hell. It wasn’t so on 7.1 with the previous Os …

Dear Mauro,

Can you send please the poly in question?


Here it is :

Patch 4.omp.zip (9.6 KB)

It’s a simple one (and it’s slow). If you try setting up different tempos for every measure it becomes slower to the point you just want to give up. I just tried the same sequence on my laptop (which is still running 10.12) and scrolling, zooming, navigating the sequence it’s much faster than on Monterey …

Hi Mauro,

Just tested it (on linux) and the display seems very normal. Are you on Intel or M1?
Is it just the display of the score which is lagging?
are you running OM on from sources?

Hi Karim, yes I’m (still) on Intel. The score is lagging (especially while scrolling).
And yes I’m running from sources (I have a LW8.0.1 64bit Hobbyist edition).

I downloaded the 7.2 app and I tried the same sequence. Same speed issue.

Ok apparently on Macs the scrolling is slower than on linux even with a faster processor.
I tried it on M1/monterey,
I will see what i can do to speed this up. It is related to the api.
Will update you.


I tested it on M1 and Intel.
M1 is faster, but the scrolling is indeed slow.
Tested it on old OM and it is worse. So it is not LW8/LW7 issue.
It is OM’s api. I know where this comes from, and i will try to improve this.
Will let you know.
Thanx for reporting this. It is indeed annoying!


Thanks Karim, I’m glad to be helpful.
All the best

Dear Mauro,

I didn’t forget this annoying issue. I am still on it. It seems more complicated and i must try to find the best way to fix it. Will keep you informed.


Dear Karim, thanks for the update ! I still have an old os on my laptop so luckily I can keep working with a decent scrolling speed with 7.1. I’m sorry that this issue it’s more complicated than expected … (it’s good that you know what’s its cause, though). All the best !

Does the 7.1 scrolling is better than the 7.2 ?
If it is the case that changes everything!
Please can you confirm?


Dear Mauro,

Ok it seems it is related to: Mac Intel on Monterey/Ventura.
I tested it on M1 Monterey and it seems ok for me.
I will contact LispWorks to see if they have a clue about this.
The reason of it all is that while scrolling OM redraws all the score continiously Which is fine with other OSes and CPUs…

Affaire a suivre…

Yes exactly, even 7.1 on Monterey/Intel is super slow, it’s definitely Os-related.
(I haven’t tried M1 or M2 since I don’t have one).
By the way, since you are on it … it would be nice to have the possibility to jump to a specific measure (especially while working on very long sequences), as in many score editors.


Bravi Mauro,

Was thinking about this exactly. I will see if it is possible.
By the way, on my M1 i am on Monterey and afraid to switch it to Ventura.
On Intel it is indeed Ventura and horribly and Abnormally slow.
Will put this on top of the list.

:slight_smile: K

Dear Karim, any update about this topic ? Cheers. M.

Dear Mauro,

Still on it. Have found some solutions they seem however not so great.
The problem is the redrawing routine with scrolling. I contacted LW support already.
The problem doesn’t occur on Linux/window, since OM uses another redrawing routine which unfortunately isn’t possible in Mac.
I am hoping to find a solution but this will take sometime.


Thanks dear Karim, keep us posted. Sometimes I think I should really switch to Linux, but I guess I’m just too lazy for that …

Dear Mauro,

It seems ugrading to Sonoma the speed issue is fixed.