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3d-viewer / 3d-objects

Dear Jean,

I am trying to feed the 3d-objects into the 3d-viewer box. It seems that the patch was constructed in a wrong way, so that I got some error message by double-clicking or evaluating the 3d-viewer.

(for example this one: ERROR: No applicable methods for #<standard-generic-function (setf vertices-colors) 41D0134524> with args ((nil nil nil nil nil nil nil nil) #<3d-cube 40300C9093>))

I wonder if there are some tutorial patches or examples of using this box?

By the way, is there an easy way to create new types of 3d-objects beside the 3d-lines, 3d-cube, 3d-sphere? I am learning the cl-opengl at the moment, it looks very related to this subject.

Thank you so much for your help!
Best regards,

Question_3d-viewer.opat (21.1 KB)

Hi Jialin,

Unfortunately there is currently no tutorial patch or actual example for this object, which is still is a quite experimental state, and 3d-objects are probably not yet ready to be created directly in OM# patches. That was part of the plan though, so I’ll look at your patch and try to get it to work :slight_smile:

Stay tuned !

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Dear Jean,

The uploaded patch is a kind of test patch, for me is to understand how it works. Thanks again and looking forward!