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Working with the Orchidea command line tools


Has anyone worked with
the Orchidea command line tools ?
Can you explain how to use them ?
I ask the question because they should be
on line for the Windows version in
the next release of Orchidea.

hi Lassal
there will be soon a video tutorial on how to use command line tools.
Also, we are preparing a Windows version of them.

Can’t wait to try it

hi Carmine, Lassal

I’d like to second the request for a tutorial.

would also like to try the command line tools, but have no idea how to go about it. saw yesterday they just came out for Windows but I don’t even know how to install them tbh, never mind how to use them.

So if you’re still planning to make a tutorial, please make it for dummies and include the installation process. :wink:

best wishes

Louis Goldford from Columbia and Kit Soden from McGill are now working on this.
I think we will put all online (with latest release and new database) about mid February

Ok great, thanks.

I’ll check the website regularly, then.



This might be useful to anyone working with Orchidea as a command line tool, at least before the next release.

A few months back, in an exchange between me and Maija Hynninen in the Cycling '74 forum, we found a “swiss knife” solution to the import of Orchidea’s command line output into Max/MSP. You can find it, here: https://cycling74.com/forums/lisp-and-max/replies/1#reply-5ded0c0537b5c844d7269020

Hope this helps.

All the best,

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