om->lily error


This message is for Karim, but I thought that the list might be interested.
I recently installed the latest version of the om->lily library (had been working with version 1.6 before) and am very excited to learn about the new features.
However, when trying to export a poly I get the error message “Undefined operator reduce-num-den”. I see that it is called in the source files but it is not defined anywhere that I could find.
Any suggestions?

All best,

Juan Cristóbal

Just saw the reply posted to a previous question regarding the same function.
Sorry for the spam!




My mistake. It’s updated now !


Hi Karim,
Been really enjoying and getting a lot of use out of OM->Lily. Thank You!
Quick question: I’m getting an export error whenever my poly has a measure with an N/4 time signature, where N can be anything.(Any other time signatures (5/16, 6/8, whatever) are fine. It must have something to do with how I’m generating my rhythm trees for my voices, as I’m able to import a 4/4 score object created elsewhere and successfully export it with OM->Lily. Nonetheless, the voices and polys that are producing the export errors still work normally within OM, so I wondered what I might be doing wrong. I did try loading the LISP fix file you provided previously, which didn’t solve my particular issue.


error|690x409 lily export error.omp (8.5 KB)