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OM 6.17 Linux crashes after few minutes of edit

Hello, I’m experiencing numerous crashes of OM 6.17 on Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) since a while. It seems that it appears systematically when editing simple (or bigger) patches with just a few objects (text-file, small BPFs, chord-seqs or multi-seqs and some various functions), OM freezes and then crashes when, for instance,selecting and then moving a small group of objects, or when duplicating a group of objects, but only after some edits. Looks like it happens when updating its cache or the patch’s source file (RAM has 4 Gb free).
How to help for debugging ?

  1. You can start by using the latest version: 6.18
    to be found here:
    Releases · openmusic-project/openmusic · GitHub

  2. You can send the crash log which is located here

Thank you Karim :slight_smile: