No sound in OM 6.15

Hello. I have had problems with no sound coming from OM 6.15 after having had to replace MicroPlayer with the R-udp player. SimpleSynth is also installed. The “RepMus” documentation explaining the setting up in the Preferences tab hasn’t yielded any results unfortunately. I received one message indicating the MIDIdriver is needing to be reinstalled when starting up OM. But that occurred one in many times I’ve restarted it since the problem began. I have OSX Mojave 10.14.6.
Thank you

Hello Rodger,

Just to clarify one thing, it is normal that OM does not output sound when you play score objects.
OM outputs MIDI events (or OSC messages if you select one of the OSC or Microplayer options in preferences or in the settings of a specific object), and these events/message sound if they are correctly received and played by external players or devices.

Supposing that you start with a fresh OM session, your player in the preferences, or for any new object you create, should be the MIDI player.


At first it should have no connected MIDI port by default (you can check this in the “Ports Setup” window.


If this is the case, when you play a score object (chord, chord-seq, voice…) you should get the following message in the OM Listener:

OM > "PortMIDI ERROR: port 0 is not connected. Check MIDI preferences to connect MIDI devices ?"

This is when you enter the “Port Setup” window (also from preferences) and attach a MIDI device or player to pot 0.

If you don’t get to this point and get this message about the MIDI driver, that’s quite annoying… Could you send a screenshot or copy the exact message ?

Thank you for your response, Bresson. The driver message isn’t any longer on my screen and hasn’t reappeared, though I have OM recognizing my device and its fine.