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MyOrch doesn´t work

Hi community I´m a student from Argentina. I´m new in max deep developments, and Orchidea is a very interesting for me. Maybe this question is a little basic, but when i put my own sample audio in MyOrch, and this is the same for the Orchidea modules, the sample audio doesn´t load. Yes this works when in the examples i click the bottom of a pedagogic preloaded sample. i thought this is because I need to send my sample to load whit a bottom. My question is: how i can do this?.
My regards from Argentina.
Thank you for all.

Hi Luca,

Do you got the last release ? which I fix different things… myOrch

I’m not sure to understand you…

Do you mean you can rendering something ?

  • How to use MyOrch:

Before importing a sound :

  • (step 1) load a database, it can be long, so be sure that everything is loaded, wait until the end :

With TinySOL : In the Max console


  • (step two) Choose your orchestra, you can use the default orchestra and added others instruments, then press send if it’s ok, you have that in the Max console :

orchidea.solve: orchestra has been set correctly

See that part of the patch


About parameters, they must be set before sending the target…

  • (third step) then you can import the target… sometimes, with some sound (generally dirty ones) Orchidea can’t process… I’ve receive a lot a dirty sound and I had to clean them with AudioSculpt before. Orchidea rendering is the best sound you can have ! Beware of the location of your target files because Orchidea will generate a rendering folder alongside the target in the Finder

If you change the parameters, you’ll have to click here for relaunch the orchestration :


If invite you to always have a look at the Max Console at each process or each step…

Can you be more precise about what you want to do ?

Join the Max console issues, then I can see what’s happened…



Jerome really thanks i already got it working.
It was probably something in the order of the steps that I had done wrong, since I loaded the same sample and this time it worked.
Thanks, I’ll keep watching the tutorials.
My regards,