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Midi ports to inidividual voices of a chord in chord-seq


How do I send individual midi port assignment to individual voices in a chord-seq ?
I click the + and get the optional keyword of lport and patch a list in to that, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect…

This is all on a freshly downloaded OM7 0.5…

Hello Anders,
Thanks, and nice catch – this is just a bug: all notes are sent to port 0, whatever “port” value is set. I’ll correct that immediately.
Let me know if this is blocking right now, I can also send you a patch to use until the next release.

ps. let me take this oportunity to mention a new feature in OM7 score editors: if you open the “inspector” pane at the right (CMD+I) you have access to options for displaying/hiding the assigned MIDI port and various other attributes of the notes.


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Great, thanks. If you could send me a patch that works until next release, it would be great. It would my life a lot easier, and I could continue to work in OM7 and not having to sit and jump back and forth between OM6 and OM7

Here you go: copy this file into om7-beta.app/Contents/Init/
(I assume you’re on a mac? — otherwise just in om7-beta/init/)

fix-midi-ports-beta05.lisp (5.8 KB)

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It seems like that the chord-seq still doesn’t output the midi ports when I ask it to.
I don’t need that right now, just so you now.
Thank you for the quick help!

This is strange… I just tested it and it seems ok.
Dis you restart OM after installing the file ?
What do you see/hear ? Do all notes output on port 0 ?

It just outputs nil as the midiport when i try to evaluate the number box in the lower corner.
I might be doing something wrong, since I’m still learning my way around OM. See the attached photo

ok, so now I suppose your CHORD-SEQ plays on the right ports (?), but yes: you’ve sopotted another bug in reading port values!
Here is another fix for that:
fix-chord-lport-access.lisp (678 Bytes)

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Yes, it plays on the right midi ports. All that works perfectly fine.
Thanks, I’ll use the fix.

It works. Thank you!

Great. Thanks for the reports : feedback is very useful at this stage.