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Exporting MusicXML

Hi everyone,

OM7 looks great, but I haven’t found the old “export to musicxml” class that I often used in OM6. I tried to export via MIDI but importing it into my scoring software (Dorico) doesn’t really help much as all the tuplets are lost. If would be easier to re-notate it manually.

Am I missing something here, or does not OM7 yet support exporting to xml?

Hi, you’re not missing anything: export-musicxml is one of the features at the top of the todo-list…


Thanks for the quick answer!

Hi again,

Seems like OM# has no export to xml as of yet. Do you have any idea when we can expect this function?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Anders, sorry I’ve had no time to do that yet.
I’ll let you know, but can’t promise anything. :frowning:

Hi Jean,

No worries! I’m was just curious to check out the latest update and se what changes had been done going over to OM#.

It makes things a bit easier for me, but I can cope without the feature :slight_smile:

A quick question to comprehend the problem: why is it not possible to use the same export musicXML functionality in om#?

The internal structure of voice / poly objects is quite different from OpenMusic, so, some parts of OM’s MusicXML export can probably be reused and adapted, but some other parts are to be rewritten.

Im not sure whether here is the right place for discussion about the code, but on my way of studying voice and poly some questions about the definitions of parse-defclass-options and defclass* came to my mind. The reviews are also on my git fork is here in the om-defclass.lisp (rev branch).

Probably the right place could be the issues of the source repository ?
… but most likely not as comments in the code itself :wink:

ps. note: the arguments of parse-defclass-optionsare of defclass* (i.e. initargs of the metaclass OMClass), not related to the particular classes — voice, poly, etc.

Any news about exporting MusicXML ? Trying OM# 1.0 (Mac OS X 10.11), getting this:

“Error: undefined function export-musicxml called with arguments (#<voice 4290303474>)”.

In Listener:
Warning: Capturing attempt to throw out of _CAPIMenuItemSelected:.

In MIDI export all sounds coming out at once, without durations, one less than second splash.

Thanks :slight_smile: !

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. No news for MusicXML at the moment, unfortunately.
I should fix the crash however.

MIDI: could you open another topic and post an example ? Thanks !

How did you get this ?

I created two repeat-n loops generating random values for pitches and rhythms (with omquantify) to Voice object, double-clicked Voice after evaluating (containing resulting score), then to File-Export-MusicXML. After that get this message. Apparently it doesn’t exist. OS X 10.11.

Ha, ok. This menu item shouldn’t be here until the XML export feature is implemented.

Hi, a while ago I developed a basic solution for xml-export (focused on pitches). The result can be downloaded here. The rhythmic possibilities are limited (no nested tuplets, no bar-tuplets,…) but perhaps entirely sufficient…

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