Event Time Status Stopped

First time I’m getting these messages in the Max Console.
Do you have any idea why? Thank you very much in advance.



These messages are juste verbose information on the current status of the antescofo object. The version 1.0 of the antescofo object advertizes more of its internal functionning than previous versions. More messages appear also if verbosity is set to a non-zero-level.

If you experience a lot of internal traces, check that the verbosity is set to zero. If nothing changes, you may have an object in debug mode. This would be surprising but you can check if you have an object in debug mode or in release mode by looking at the start-up message (you can also send the message info to antescofo~):

  • if the version is specified has “development version … vX.Y” then the object is definitively in debug mode
  • if the version is specified has “release version … vX.Y” then the object is an official release.

If you have a develoment version, change the antescofo object for an object distributed on the forum : debug objects are very slow compared to normal objects.

Dear Jean-Louis,
thanks a lot for your reply. I’ve just settled it!

Two more things if I may: it is about bach_score object on one hand, and the velocity parameter for the noteout in ‘play’ mode on the other.

  1. I’m trying to implement bach_score in Max to also have a visual score while playing and I’ve been trying using the external bachscograph but I get the error on the Max console as ‘antescofo~ • doesn’t understand “baschscore”’. Do you have any tips on how could I can do it?

  2. Besides, while in play mode, I realised that the velocity is fixed on one parameter (110), even if in the original score the dynamics are precisely expressed. Is there any way to control this?

Thank you very much.


Hello francescodimaggio.

  1. Beware : the command is “bachscore” not “baschscore” (mind the ‘s’). If it does not work, it means that your object is too old. The command bachscore appears in mid 2017.

  2. No, there is no specification of the dynamics in the antescofo musical events and therefore this information is not available.

However, if you have the original midi file, you can read it in antescofo, see function @midi_read http://antescofo-doc.ircam.fr/Library/Functions/midi_read/
Then you can retrieve the velocity information from the current event (relyingf on the information provided by $BEAT_POS for instance) and then you can use this information in some way.

Hope it helps,


I just discovered this new Forum! I wish someone at Forum had informed us of the move to the new Web so I could reply earlier!!! Sorry about that.

The MIDI Velocity you get on Playback is just a raw (not to say stupid) simulation of the instrumental part. I set it to 110 just to have something. This is because when you import a score using note, chord etc. all we care about are pitches and not the velocity.

We might extend this in the future. If you have any suggestions or use-case, it’d be welcome.

Dear Arshia,

thank you, you have been so kind to reply. Can’t always keep up with the speed of change! :smile:

Yes, it makes sense. Pitches are indeed our target! I finally used a very ugly trick in Max but yeah, it would be nice to extend it in the future! … Actually, I am writing my Bachelor thesis on Antescofo and interactive music systems, maybe it can be an interesting point to make and to work on.

Keep updated

All the best,